Is Thrush Painful to a Baby?

by Rebecca Haworth

The yeast cells that cause thrush are quite invasive and they can definitely cause pain and inflammation in the areas where they take hold and grow. Babies with thrush will often be unusually fussy, reluctant to nurse and show others signs of discomfort. On the other hand, some babies can have thrush without showing any signs of pain at all. Every baby is different in terms of their tolerance to pain and some thrush infections can be much more severe than others.

Pain is a warning sign from our bodies that something is out of balance and requires attention. If you think about the thrush in a baby’s mouth and the pain and inflammation that it causes, you can understand why babies with thrush are often gassy, uncomfortable or have other gastrointestinal issues. The same pain and inflammation that is present in the baby’s mouth is also often present in the intestinal lining. If it’s quickly cleared up, it’s not a serious problem but if it’s allowed to continue over time, this intestinal inflammation can cause or contribute to all kinds of health problems that are related to inflammation, such as asthma, allergies, food sensitivities, arthritis, learning disorders, etc.

Most thrush treatments, whether it’s a drug treatment or a home remedy, focus on treating the yeast problem only where you can see it – in your baby’s mouth. However, what about the yeast that’s growing where you can’t see it – such as in your baby’s intestines? This is the yeast that can grow insidiously and really cause serious problems for a child both in the short term and long term.

So think of any pain that your baby may experience from thrush as like a warning flag that you need to help your baby with this problem now. Using a scientific, yet holistic approach to cure thrush is the best way to help relieve your baby’s discomfort and also cure thrush symptoms at the root. This is the whole purpose of our Thrush911 program.

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