Infant Thrush Photos

Infant thrush photos can be a useful tool to help you identify whether or not your newborn has an oral yeast infection. Just remember, that while baby thrush pictures show what thrush looks like in other babies, they do not necessarily represent what thrush may look like your own child. These pictures of baby thrush show you what infant oral thrush looks like in later stages. Ideally, you would catch your baby’s thrush before it becomes this severe.

So if you’re not sure if your baby has thrush, it’s a good idea to review symptoms of thrush in babies in addition to checking pictures of babies with thrush. A pediatrician or qualified health practitioner can also help you determine of your baby has thrush.

Here’s a checklist of questions to help you identify whether or not your baby has thrush:

  • Is your baby unusually fussy?
  • Does your baby appear to be in pain?
  • How about tummy troubles? Does your baby have a lot of gas?
  • Any persistent diaper rash?
  • Was your baby exposed to antibiotics during labor and delivery or anytime before the symptoms appeared?

Below are some pictures of thrush in the mouth of an infant. You’re looking for cottage cheese type overgrowth in your baby’s mouth. In very mild cases of thrush, it may be very slight or come and go.

infant thrush

Picture of Newborn Thrush


More baby yeast infection pictures:

Baby Mouth Thrush photo

Baby Mouth Thrush photo

Picture of Baby Thrush

Picture of Baby Thrush


If looking at these pictures of thrush in babies has you convinced that your baby has thrush, then consider trying our Thrush911 program, which is designed to completely cure both babies and moms with thrush – quickly, safely and naturally. Babies with yeast infections need to be treated holistically to ensure the yeast is permanently cured; otherwise there is a strong tendency for it to come back again and again. Sometimes the yeast comes back where you can see it, and sometimes it just continues to grow unseen.

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