How Do Babies Get Thrush?

by Rebecca Haworth

If you’re wondering, “How does a baby get thrush in the first place?” you’re not alone. Thrush is very common and also frustrating so it’s a question many moms ask. Babies can get thrush from a number of sources. When babies are born their gut is completely sterile, so whatever organisms they’re exposed to can take hold quite easily – either good or bad.

The yeast candida is the fourth most common hospital-acquired infection. A baby could easily be exposed to yeast from a nurse or doctor, from parents touching things in the hospital, etc. There are different strains of candida that can be found in hospital; some are more difficult to treat than others.

Babies can also be exposed to yeast coming through the birth canal if the mom has even a little bit of vaginal yeast. So this is another common route of infection. Older babies can also just pick up yeast in their environment; yeast is quite common and there will always be exposure.

You can never completely eliminate yeast so that’s why it’s good to use basic hygiene, such as washing things that go in your baby’s mouth, but it’s not possible to cure thrush by using intense sterilization techniques, etc. The only way to completely cure thrush is to rebuild the natural balance in your child’s body that prevents yeast from overgrowing in the first place.

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